The Peace History Society

 “Peace Activism and Scholarship:  Historical Perspectives of Social, Economic, and Political Change”

  November 3-5, 2005

  Winthrop University , Rock Hill , SC

  Thursday November 3, 2005

 Board Meeting: 6 pm-8 pm

 Reception: 8 pm-9:15 pm     Winthrop Conference Center Lobby

  Friday November 4, 2005

 9 amGeneral Meeting

 Opening Remarks:  Mitch Hall , PHS President

  9:30-11 am         

PHS Roundtable: “Straddling Two Worlds: Historians Grapple with Their Work in the Academy and on the Streets” ( Baruch Room Conference Center )

1:30-3 pm

  1. Academics Challenge Militarism ( Baruch Room Conference Center )

 Commentator:  Chris Van Aller, Winthrop University

  1. Women Activists in the 19th Century (Thurmond 208)


  1. Social movements, Anti-imperialism, and Radicalism (Thurmond 308)

Commentator: E. Timothy Smith, Barry University


 3:30-5:00 pm

1.      Print Culture and Peace Activism (Thurmond 208)

Commentator:  Charles Howlett, Molloy College

 2.      Gender and Activism (Thurmond 308)  

 Commentator:  Jennifer Disney, Winthrop University  

3.      Anti-Imperialism in Asia ( Baruch Room Conference Center )

Commentator:  Ed Haynes, Winthrop University

Banquet, 7 pm - Tuttle Dining Room (McBride Hall)

Welcome:  Dr. Tom Moore, Academic V.P., Winthrop University

Presentation of the Scott Bills Prize:  E. Timothy Smith, Barry University

Introduction of the Keynote Speaker:  Virginia Williams, Winthrop University

Keynote Speaker: Fr. Roy Bourgeois, M.M., Founder of School of the Americas Watch


Saturday, November 5, 2005

9:30-11 am           

1.      From Women’s Suffrage to Human Rights: Women’s Peace Initiatives in the 20th Century (Thurmond 208)

      Commentator:  Lynne Dunn, Winthrop University

    2.      Social Activists Confront Economic Violence (Thurmond 308)  

            Commentator:  Roger Peace, Florida State University

  1:30-3:00 pm  

1.      Peace Theory in an Anti-Intellectual Age (Thurmond 208)  

Commentator: Michael Lipscomb, Winthrop University

    2.      Campus Peace Activism and the Vietnam War ( Baruch Room – Conference Center)  

Commentator: Kenneth Heineman, Ohio University-Lancaster

3.      Christian Peace Activism (Thurmond 308)  

Commentator:  LeDayne Polaski, Conference Coordinator, Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America

  3:30-5 pm

    1.      American Activists and Cultural Constructions of Africa (Thurmond 208)  

Commentator:  Opolot Okia, Winthrop University  

2.      Dissent and Resistance in the Vietnam Era and Beyond ( Baruch Room )

Commentator:  Michael Foley, College of Staten Island , CUNY  

3.      Peace Initiatives in Wartime (Thurmond 308)  

            Commentator:   Lawrence Wittner, State University of New York at Albany